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Paper Stock Certificates Disappearing From the Market

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Dematerialization itself is when paper stock certificates are no longer being issued. Paper stocks were initially important was because the investor wanted to have a piece of paper in their name, not the broker’s. Today, the ability to record this information electronically and in a timely and secure manner creates efficiency and avoids the high cost to the issuing company of paper certificates.

This cost of issuing paper certificates continues to rise. To go through a broker, not only must the trading price of the stock be paid, but the broker’s commission fee and the stock issuance fee (which can go as high as $100 per certificate) are also charged. You can see how the age of computers has definitely affected how stock certificates are issued. Certificates are decreasingly beautifully printed and engraved physical documents. They are often reduced to bytes and bits.

On the other hand, the computerization of stock ownership records eliminates the necessity of physically moving the certificates around. This computerization has reduced the opportunity for fraud (nefarious individuals would gain access to no longer valid certificates and present them as proof of ownership in the issuing company). In the past, when a stock or bond certificate was redeemed, cancelled or transferred, the piece of paper itself had to go through a transfer agent where the accounting transactions were made and the certificate itself was changed to indicate the action. After that, the SEC required that the certificates themselves by retained for a minimum of six years. This process created a huge amount of paper that had to be safeguarded.

There are a few instances of canceled certificates, scheduled to be destroyed, disappearing and then reappearing in the market place, represented as current or active. The practice of using small perforations has been a contributing factor in this situation since these perforations can be mistaken for the marks made by a notary or other seal. Additionally, the records of the transactions were often stored with the certificates themselves. In the case of theft, not only were the certificates taken, but the records which could have utilized to determine the status of the certificates, were also gone. When these cancelled certificates come into the marketplace, there is substantial opportunity for fraud.

What about collectors and their certificates? First of all, of this means that as time goes on, fewer certificates will not be coming into the marketplace because fewer are being issued and the remaining ones will be destroyed once they are no longer valid.

Secondly, the decreasing supply of new certificates for collecting will mean one of two things: either fewer people will collect them because they don’t run across them as often, or, their rarity will increase their desirability as collectibles. Fortunately for those who love collecting antique stock certificates, the latter seems to be the case so far.

Industrial Cleaning is a Necessity For the 21st Century Business

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For instance, the accounting department must be responsible for invoicing, and budgets, and banking, and every other aspect of the businesses financial structure, and they are increasingly required to have these duties done in a shorter amount of time. With all of this change and increasing complexity, it is no wonder that even industrial cleaning has become more complex.

Due to necessity, today’s businesses have come to rely more and more upon complex chemicals and substances to meet their goals. These chemicals can not only be dangerous to the building and equipment, they can present major health risks to your employees and customers.

Unlike cleaning around the home, you need professionals that can treat each spill or waste material in the way it needs to be treated in order to maintain the safety and integrity of your workplace. From cleaning up the initial mess to disposing of the waster materials, these individuals are familiar with every type of garbage or spill known to man.

They may also be able to recognize and treat industrial hazards such as molds, fungi, and allergens that may be adversely affecting your employees and customers’ health. By treating these unseen toxins early and safely, they can save you a great deal of trouble down the line.

It is increasingly important for today’s industrial businesses to consider their impact upon the environment. Aside from being good neighbors to the community, businesses are often beholden to state and federal laws pertaining to how waste and garbage are managed.

Unlike a residence, industrial sites often have waste materials that could be immediately and irrevocably damaging to the environment. These businesses must be ever vigilant in dealing with the waste, as must their industrial cleaning personnel.

Qualified industrial cleaning professionals should be able to deal with your industrial waste in relatively inexpensive ways while following the letter and intent of all relevant laws. Aside from being a law abiding business, it tells your customers that you care about the community and their future.

The first step to finding an industrial cleaning crew that is right for you is to consult with neighboring businesses and the internet. Each cleaning operation is different, so it is important to tell them up front what your needs and budget are.

It is also important to discuss how your business may change over the following years so that they can anticipate your cleaning needs today. From there, these cleaners will be able to work out a schedule that will keep your business totally clean without interfering in day to day options.